RTI commercialization readiness levels for novel research technologies


RTICANVAS is a tool designed to help inventors, innovators, and organizations assess the commercial readiness of inventions.

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RTICANVAS is set up in a grid format.

The ICANVAS framework expands the traditional definition of the "Technology Readiness Level" to include other Readiness Indicators.

These new readiness categories include:

  • Inventor/Team Status
  • Development Resources
  • Intellectual property
  • Business Strategy
  • Market Fit
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The RTICANVAS "Readiness Categories (come up with a trade name)" are organized from left to right based on their inherent internal and external nature - or where outcomes are based on internal vs. external factors.

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The RTICANVAS individual readiness factors, or "X – come up with a 'trade name'", are organized in a descending fashion that indicate increasing levels of commercial readiness.

Weighting: individual weight of readiness factors will vary based on invention type (hardware or software, high tech or low tech) and commercialization goals.

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Assessing Readiness using RTICANVAS

Highlight individual factors that have been addressed (either previously or an action plan to address is in place and in progress) by clicking.

Don't worry if boxes are unchecked!

The completed RTICANVAS provides a realistic, multifaceted, and comprehensive framework to identify next steps for development and commercialization on a case-by-case level, as well as a way for organizations to assess commercialization capacity. 

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